The Best “No Makeup” Makeup Looks

The Best “No Makeup” Makeup Looks

Burnt out on bronzer, cautious about contour, sick of smoky eyeshadow? Don’t bother with it; natural looks are taking over. Brights and bolds will always have a time and place, but fresh, seemingly low-maintenance looks are perfect for every occasion.

Yes, every occasion. “No makeup” makeup isn’t just for errands and days off. It also isn’t about looking completely bare. Instead, it’s about not letting makeup overpower your face. Celebrities roll it out on the red carpet, in photo shoots, and on social media. This kind of makeup is all about finding the most natural finish, perfectly matched shades, and brushing up on artful, light-handed application.

Let’s face it – when we’re not feeling it, extra makeup can make us look older and more tired. No-makeup makeup can make you look like you drink three liters of water per day and actually have the time to sleep and meditate. Peruse these photos of stars who do natural makeup right (can you even tell there’s foundation?), and create your own minimal, you-but-better look.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence showed up to a movie premiere with little more than some brow and lash work – or did she? Her flawless complexion is clearly the work of a professional aesthetician, and no one could blame her for not wanting to pile makeup on top of it.

2. Lily Aldridge

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No-makeup makeup looks great when dewy, but you can go matte, too, like Lily Aldridge. A light application of mute, shimmer-free taupe just below the cheekbones takes the place at least three other products when adding definition.

3. Jessica Chastain Image Source:

Jessica Chastain draws attention to the eyes with mega lashes, but goes easy on everything else. Neutral shimmer on lids and a pink stain on lips doesn’t require constant touchups.

4. Marion Cotillard

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Rather than trying to blend together several different shades of powder shadow, use one neutral shade of cream shadow. Marion Cotillard finishes it off with a slight flush. To get a defined lip that looks as natural as hers, check the inside of your bottom lip for your best one-shade-deeper color.

5. Dilshad Vadsaria

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Dilshad takes a perfectly-groomed brow seriously, and the only thing allowed to compete is a megawatt natural glow that doesn’t glitter. Get yours with an extra layer of moisturizer and a few swipes of cream highlighter.

6. Shailene Woodley

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Shailene Woodley is a fan of all things natural, and has the look to prove it. Combed brows, boosted lashes, freckles, and a smile are about all it takes to be set for the evening.

7. Solange Knowles Image Source:

Solange turns a lot of heads via cutting edge fashion, and isn’t so much about creating comprehensive makeup looks. Here, light mascara, combed brows, and a clear, glossy lip make her look well-groomed without distracting from her ethereal outfit and hairdo.

8. Margot Robbie

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A big night out at an awards show doesn’t mean that Margot Robbie pulls out all of the stops. Nude-pink lips and cheeks will look good in photos 50 years from now, and the brows are defined without looking severe.

9. Scarlett Johansson Image Source:

Sure, she’s born with a certain amount of flawlessness, but Scarlett’s subtle makeup look is great for everyone. A smudge of soft brown pencil, a little brow powder, and just a whisper of blush highlights the face, but is barely detectable at first glance.

10. Zoe Saldana

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Zoe Saldana has the right idea in not relying on liquid and gel eyeliners to create a cat eye. This space can be elongated and emphasized with one shade of milk chocolate shadow alone. It’s never too much, considering the rest of the face is largely left alone.

11. Jessica Biel

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Jessica Biel has created a perfect modern minimalist look with a slender septum ring, a slicked back ponytail, and very little obvious makeup. Lashes are made long as possible, and the rest is barely touched with subtle shades of bronze.

12. Gal Gadot

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If Gal has applied any complexion correction, it’s definitely been blended by an expert. One set of lashes and some black eyeliner later, it’s finished. No lipstick touch-ups tonight!

13. Clemence Poesy

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Clemence Poesy’s uncomplicated look involves very little mascara and a lip and cheek stain. It’s the perfect choice for a demure silk top and loose, tousled hair.


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