She-Sheds vs. Sewing Rooms

Alone time. Who could ask for anything more? Except when that alone time still has all the interruptions that not-alone time also has. Many women report they go shopping simply to get out of the house and get away from nagging family. The only problem with shopping is that it gets expensive, and is less likely to be as fulfilling as pursuing a hobby or spending quiet time meditating and drinking tea. While sheds have traditionally been the realm of all things manly, Tools, woodworking, and yard work, the she shed is the new way to make space for a little more feminine relaxation in your life.

Mini Spa-cation

The advantage of having a shed is that it is removed from all the mess making that goes on in a house. But who said a shed has to be cement floors, bare walls, cold and drafty, and not to mention a leaky building? Make your shed your ten-feet-away-from-home spa.

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The men really had a great idea when they made their “man caves” cold places detached from the house, ie a garage or shed. Who in their right mind wanted to leave the comforts of home to go out there and bug Dad while Mom was making cookies? Time for Mom to have that sort of time away. No reason for it to stay cold though, add a heater, some comfy blankets and no one will know how much you relish the short run through the rain to get to your cozy paradise.

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One great thing about most sheds is they are found in the garden. Studies have shown that when you have a “green” view you are more likely to be creative and productive. I will gladly give up that basement craft room for a shed with a view and some natural daytime lighting

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Speaking of daytime lighting and creative boosting views, there probably isn’t a better place for your dedicated art studio.When you think about all the potentially harmful chemicals, smells, and supplies that are entailed when it comes to different art mediums, She-sheds are a great solution, especially if you have children or pets that like to get into everything.

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Channel your inner feline and say hello to a world of sunny secluded naps. Plus, in a pinch it can double as a guest room that will offer the both of you privacy.

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She-sheds are not just whimsical getaways, they can offer practical solutions. Solve your work from home drudgery by making a she shed your home office. You still get to “leave the house” but nothing beats the commute and level of comfort found at your new office!

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