How to Use Modern Conveniences (like Amazon Prime) to Do Good Deeds

How to Use Modern Conveniences (like Amazon Prime) to Do Good Deeds

This is Rob Bliss. Like a lot of us, he’s enjoyed the fact that apps make life simpler. If you run out of cereal, you don’t have to go anywhere. You just whip out your smartphone, and order it. Image Source:

But instead of waiting for days for it to arrive, it can be at your door in as little as an hour or two. Take Amazon Prime Now, for instance. In some cities, you can get groceries, takeout from restaurants, and regular Amazon goods delivered directly to you, fast. Image Source:

It’s a level of convenience that humanity doesn’t have any problems adjusting to. We’re all busy, and have come to expect that the small things, from shopping to paying bills and banking, can be taken care of with a few swipes and taps. Image Source:

Still, Rob couldn’t help but notice that life wasn’t getting any easier for some of us. Image Source:

While we appreciate being able to stay in the comfort of our homes during cold or crowded times, there are those that have no choice but to stay outside and weather the bad phases in life. No money, no smartphone, and definitely no Amazon account. Image Source:

But Rob figured he could use his access to fast and free shipping to give back. It’s a perfect solution for people who don’t or can’t carve out the time to organize positive actions that help the homeless. He addresses a package to a man who is sitting on a particular street. In the delivery instructions, he explains who will be receiving the package. Image Source:

A short while later, the man’s package arrives. He has told Rob that he needs shoes and socks – hardly an extravagance. The courier is happy to deliver these goods to someone in need, and Rob didn’t have to make a special shopping trip or stick around to authorize the delivery. Image Source:

It may be commonplace for us to receive packages filled we things we want and need, but those without a place to stay are lucky to get a second glance from passerby, let alone a special delivery. They can scarcely believe that they too are getting items they need brought to them by Amazon. Image Source:

Rob didn’t partner with Amazon to do this; it was just an idea he had. He believes it can be done with other apps that deliver, like Postmates. So while we may see our apps as a way to make our lives easier, it’s also a thoroughly modern way to do good for others.


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