17 Celebrity Couples with Significant Age Gaps

17 Celebrity Couples with Significant Age Gaps

Age – it’s nothing but a number, right? The following celebrity couples prefer a partner from a different generation, or at the very least, age isn’t a factor for them where true love is concerned. And as you’ll find, their relationship outcomes aren’t different from anyone else’s. Sometimes it’s disastrous, and sometimes it’s serendipitous, as we peruse 17 stars and their much younger – or older – mates.

1. Sean Penn and Leila George

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Notorious hothead Sean Penn has a cool new girlfriend – and she’s only 24 years old. Leila is the daughter of actor Vincent D’Onofrio, who at 58, is just one year older than Sean. Sean also has a daughter who is a year older than Leila.

2. Luc Besson and Milla Jovovich

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Milla was just 22 years old when she married the director she worked with on the film The Fifth Element; he was 38. It didn’t last but two years, although the two are still friends.

3. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

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Somewhere in all of the couch-jumping and canoodling, it was lost on a lot of people that Tom Cruise is 16 years older than Katie Holmes. They divorced a few short years after, and it was probably due more to his commitment to Scientology than the age difference.

4. Bruce Willis and Emma Heming


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After three children and a few decades with Demi Moore, Bruce Willis hooked up with a gal 23 years younger than him. However, it was hardly a mid-life crisis. The couple have been married for nearly 10 years and have two kids together.

5. Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates


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Who knew that 1980s It Girl Phoebe was married to Kevin Kline? She seemed to drop off of the radar in the early ‘90s, but she’s been with Kevin the whole time. He’s 16 years her senior, and they’ve been married since 1989.

6. Steve Martin and Anne Stringfield


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Steve is 26 years older than his wife, Anne, whom he married in 2007. Thanks to this union, Steve finally became a dad at the ripe age of 67. Martin claims they’ve named their daughter Conquistador.

7. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Catherine is precisely 25 years younger than her husband – they have the same birthday. It’s been a rocky road, but they’ve been married for about 18 years, and have two children together.

8. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

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Amber and Johnny met on a movie set, and despite their 22-year age difference, fell in love right away. They began their extremely messy divorce proceedings just a year after marrying.

9. Warren Beatty and Annette Bening

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Legendary cad Warren Beatty claims to have been with thousands of women, including Madonna, before meeting Annette, who is 21 years younger. The pair have now been married for more than 25 years.

10. Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter

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Model Rachel was just 21 years old when she married Rod Stewart, who is 24 years older than her. After eight years and two children, they divorced, with Rachel admitting she felt she had no identity with him.

11. Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas


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Hilaria claims she didn’t really know who Alec was when they met, but they hit it off right away. The differences don’t end with their 26-year age gap, but Alec, with whom she has three children, says it all works because he keeps her busy.

12. Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen


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For the past six years, this Olsen twin has been head over heels for a man 17 years older than her. Olivier is the brother of the former French president, and he and Mary Kate have been married for almost three years now.

13. Leopold Stokowski and Gloria Vanderbilt


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One truly stunning May-December relationship that takes us way back in time is Gloria and Leopold. Gloria is just 21 when she marries the 63-year-old, and it’s her first of four marriages.

14. Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

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Sarah is more than 30 years younger than her 74-year-old girlfriend, Holland. In the end, she probably just prefers mature women; her last girlfriend, Cherry Jones, is almost 20 years older than her.

15. Mutt Lange and Shania Twain

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Music producer Mutt and singer Shania’s relationship isn’t shocking because of their 16-year age difference. They divorced after 17 years when Mutt cheated on Shania with her best friend. Shania response? She began dating that “best friend’s” husband.

16. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

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Harrison and Calista have been together now for more than 15 years. Although he’s 22 years older than her, Calista says it doesn’t even factor in, as she often feels even older than his 75 years. So there you have it – Harrison’s actually the young, spry one.

17. Peter Brant and Stephanie Seymour


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With May-December relationships, you’re bound to find a billionaire married to a younger model in there somewhere. Stephanie Seymour married Peter, who is 22 years older than her, in 1995. They have four children together.

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