10 Professional Looking DIY Accent Walls

One of the easiest way to add big style to your home is with an accent wall. It is a design concept that can work well for whatever kind of space you have. If you have a particularly large wall that you have no idea what kind of large art to hang on it (or if you don’t want to pay the price tag that comes with large art) an accent wall can spice up your space in no time. It is an effortless way to establish a theme in a room and add eye popping interest. It also works perfectly for those small awkward spaces that need more interest and dimension to distract from the cramped quarters. Here are 10 phenomenal ideas for some accent walls that will help you in whatever decorating pinch you find yourself in.

1. Bookshelf Accent wall.


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No need to stay in the 2-Dimensional realm. Simple DIY bookshelves can be built to add versatile function and design. This works well in spaces that feel flat and boring and need visual depth. Experiment with bookshelf material and colors to really add some pizzazz. This is also a great idea for covering up walls that have cosmetic problems, such as cracks, ugly paneling, or plastering that is beyond your skill level to repair. What once was ugly could be turned into a peek of mystery and interest.

2. Ceiling Accent Wall


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Despite the almost never broken rule of ultra white ceilings that we have come to know and expect, accent ceilings can add a serious wow factor. If you don’t agree just think of the Sistine Chapel, not to mention many other european architectural masterpieces where the ceiling is one of most astounding features of the interior. While high ceilings definitely are a plus if you want to do this, they are not a requirement. Paint, wallpaper, and custom paneling all can take normal ceilings to a whole new level.

3. Staircase Accent Walls


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If the ubiquitous display of family photos going up the stairwell seems like either too much work or too much clutter for you then this is definitely going to be for you. The wall by the stairwell is usually the tallest in the house. That means you don’t have to pick a fancy wallpaper or design to make it interesting. A simple color will be more than enough to give you the interest you need to look like you had a designer help you decorate.

4. Fabric Covered Accent Walls


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For when wallpaper either doesn’t work or give you the texture you want. It could also turn out to be cheaper and less of a hassle to take down when you want to mix things up. Try sewing different prints together to make your own custom wall. Have fun choosing fabric that will add a cozy appeal to your unique space. With all the colors, patterns, and textures available in fabric, this is sure to be a great option for the pickiest of home decorators.

5. Geometric Designs

http://www.parentstribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/5.-geomet.jpg Image Source: exprimartdesign.com

Use your painters tape for more than just keeping your edges drip free. Tape out a design on your accent wall before you paint. Fancier than custom wallpaper, if you ask me, and I’m betting it is a whole lot cheaper.

6. Paint a Mural

http://www.parentstribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/6.-Wall-Mural-1.jpg Image Source: hometrenddesign.com

You don’t have to go to art school to make your wall a masterpiece. There are plenty of tutorials for how to create your own relaxing murals with a little bit of time and patience. The perfect combination of art, accent, and ambience.

7. Wooden Walls

http://www.parentstribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/7.-wood.jpg Image Source: totalhousehold.com

Shiplap is great, but dont think it is your only option. Even putting up some beadboard on just one wall will give you an award winning accent wall. Consider this option for rooms that need texture or an earthy natural feel.

8. Stencil Your Own WallPaper

http://www.parentstribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/8.-stencil.jpg Image Source paintandpattern.com

Stencil skills have moved way past your grandma’s sunflower and pansies wall border. Your local home improvement store should have a wide variety of stencils and tools that will help your stencil wall look seriously suave. They may even offer classes. Or, there are many tutorials online that teach the techniques need to achieve a flawless finish. If you really feel adventurous and thrifty, try making your own stencil!

9. Upcycled Accent Wall


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Found objects can make accent walls. Use old comic book papers, string up bottle caps, or hang old shutters, whatever you have on hand will work! This might be something you want to use for a smaller wall, as this can create a very busy wall. Continuity is the key, and the sky is the limit!

10. Workable Accent Walls


Image Source: topinspired.com

Cork, whiteboard, and chalk walls give you a wall that can be easily customized, and easily changed! Fabric and ribbon message boards can even be expanded to cover entire walls. Great for studies, craft rooms, and playrooms. Or great for that budding artist that has a self designated art wall you are tired of scrubbing and painting!


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